All new everything

As part of a small design team I'm in the middle of redesigning the complete look and feel of Freespee. Updating everything from the user experience to the interface and the brand identity, while constantly adding more features to increase our 
customer value. Looking at responsive views, mobile interfaces and dark mode, among other things.

Built to fit

With a navigation that adapts to the browser size and a card based design that scales freely without breakpoints we stay sure that our platform manage all kinds of screens from 1280px and up. Making it possible for our users to get the best out of the Freespee at all times. Whether they want to analyze data from a 4k screen at their desk, or quickly check the latest trends on a laptop from the train, heading for that next meeting. 

Mobile interface

Made to touch

A lot happens when you go from desktop to mobile. First of all, the area on which you intend to present gets smaller, a lot smaller. This while the hit area on touch interfaces needs to grow larger. This usually means that you need to prioritize what to show your audience. 
By loading content in the right order, users are led through the interface and will naturally focus on the most important stuff. Such as information about the person at the other end of an incoming call.
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